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Fate Series

Heaven will never be the same again

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War in Heaven Cover

When Tymician, a revered Fallen Angel, receives word that a ward of his is in danger, he makes a move that upsets Fate.  He intervenes and attempts to save her.  The consequences are instantaneous, rendering his ward in a coma and him in a battle for his life against Sins.  

Alexander is an insignificant Angel with no purpose, but when the Ancient Fallen Tymician arrives at his doorstep with an injured woman, he unintentionally puts himself in the middle of a war he doesn't want to fight.  To save her, he must find his purpose and grow the balls to do it

Alexander has been on the run with a comatose young woman for a month.  With death on his hands, his faith in God begins to weaken but he'll stop at nothing to keep his ward safe.  The only problem with his objective, all of heaven and hell want the woman for themselves.  How can one insignificant angel stand up against the powers that be?

A dying God book 2
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With the rise of Ariel, hope returns to the Angel population as war with Hell becomes imminent.  But jealous can be an evil motivator.  

Alexander loses his ward when he is caught by a powerful Ancient that wants Kyla's power for himself.  Kyla makes a run for it, not knowing friend from foe.  She struggles by herself only to realize she is not alone.  Now the question arises, can she fight her fate or has that always been inevitable?

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