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Scream Series

This six book series will have you question everything you know about the world you live in.  

*Two percent of proceeds donated to:

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My Name is Scream

Book 1

My Name is Scream Cover

Welcome to Myers School for the Unwanted

Three months ago, an amnesiac teen woke up on a bus with others like her, scared and confused. The driver dropped them off in the center of an unfamiliar schoolyard, then vanished behind ominous walls, trapping them inside. Within seconds, hundreds of kids exited the buildings and ran at them, beating them and stealing anything of value. 

Three things became clear: there was no escape, no parents, and the teachers were in charge. 

Now, after living in Myers School for the Unwanted for the past three months, Scream is searching for a way out, caring more about escape than she is about school laws. But she is being watched by the students because they know something about her that she’s forgotten. And some don’t want her to remember. 

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My Name is War: Book 3

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One. Step. Ahead

With Principal Myers holding twenty members of Anarchy hostage, time is threatening to break the leaders of the rebellion. If they don’t act soon, lives will be lost and hope will fall apart. Ember, struggling to find her place after a devastating revelation, refuses to sit back and wait for her memory to return.

It’s now or never.  

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My Name is...TBA Book 5


Release Date: January 20th

All Dreams End

After being rescued by Becca, Maya, James, and Shakes find themselves in the hands of the FBI. There is little else they can do but play the game and join as pawns if they want to bring down the hospital and save their friends. 

But as they get their first taste of freedom, Maya and James find their relationship isn’t as easy to hold on to as they thought it would be and Shakes and Becca have a past that can’t be ignored anymore. As they begin to realize that getting out was the easy part, the question on everyone’s mind is, how do you get back in?

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My Name is Anarchy

Book 2

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What school doesn't have a little Anarchy?

Ember—formally known as Scream—has joined Anarchy, a secret rebellion brewing under Myers’ School for the Unwanted.. All that Anarchy requires from her is the memory she lost. But the insurmountable trauma of her past and her desire for revenge cloud her judgment, causing her to make grave mistakes that could cost Anarchy everything. 

With time running out as Myers begins to hunt for her, Ember must find a way to remember…or forget about ever going home again.  

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My Name is Promise


Trust the Process

Excitement for the future is all Ember sees as they drive away from Myers’ School for the Unwanted in the hands of law enforcement. But not everyone feels the same. In the seats behind her, Coal whispers in the shadows, ready to lash out at the girl that destroyed their lives. 

Brought to a hospital till the police can find them all homes, Scream rides the wave of possibilities between love interests, friendships, and promises of a better tomorrow. 

But trauma doesn’t fade so quickly and the future isn’t always guaranteed, especially when revenge is sweeter. 

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My Name is...TBA Book 6

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Estimated Release Date: August 2024

*If you or someone you know could be a victim, please call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678

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