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Moon Clouds

Alpha Series

To End It All Is Her Will

Alpha Kona Cover

Book 1: The Gods Don't Make Mistakes

Kona is the only female Alpha in existence.  After her family is taken or killed off, twenty year old Kona has no choice but to run to find help.  With her brother, her beta, and a strong willed gamma, she embarks on a journey that will force her to realize the only help she needs, is to wipe the blood off her hands.  

Alpha Kona Cover book 2

Book 2: Blood of the Gods
Kona defeated Lorcan in bed but now must face his heir in battle.  Spiraling from her murderous actions, Kona has to endure the consequences but her survival is only by the will of the gods.  With Mason, Alec, Tally, and a surprising following, Kona learns the role of a true Alpha.  But the ichor in her veins doesn't stop her from making mistakes.  And one mistake might cost her everything.  

Alpha Kona book 3 cover

Book 3: Gods Be Damned

After joining the alliance to destroy the Seven Alphas of the South, Kona struggles with the possible future of becoming a 'destroyer of worlds'.  When her temper gets the best of her, her family suffers the consequence ending all ties she has to love.  Now alone, she must decide weather she wants to remind hidden, or give in to what the gods desire.  

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