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To End it All, is Her Will

All her life, twenty-year-old Kona has been restricted to the walls of her compound to keep her and her family safe from a fatal disease.  They were all that was left of a once prosperous race of Lycan.  

When a strange Lycan enters their compound, Kona learns she’s been lied to by the very people she called family.  

Now with the resolve to find the truth, Kona along with her brother, her beta, and a strong-willed gamma set off on adventure that will awaken desires in her she never knew she had.  And spark a war that could consume them all. 

Triggers: Violence, blood, attempted rape. Rated: PG-13

ARC Read for Alpha Kona

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Want to help prefect a book before its release?

Beta Readers: read an unfinished manuscript and give general feedback on plot holes, grammar, and other components to help bring out the best in the story.

ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) readers get a free copy of a book before it is released. In exchange, the ARC reviewer posts an honest review on the day the book becomes available to the general public on certain websites, like Amazon and Goodreads.

If they really enjoy the book, they help promote on their own social media outlets.

If you would like to sign up, please read the terms and conditions.  Fill out the form and we will get back to you. 

Terms and Conditions:

ARC Readers will receive their free book one month in advance to release date. 

Reader is asked to post their honest review the week of release date.

If reader fails to provide review, they will be banned from further ARC events. 

Become a Beta or ARC Reviewer

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