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My Name is Scream

Welcome to Myers School for the Unwanted

 Three months ago, an amnesiatic teen woke up on a bus with others like her, scared and confused.  The driver dropped them off in the center of an unfamiliar schoolyard, then vanished behind ominous walls, trapping them inside.  Within seconds, hundreds of kids exited the buildings and ran at them, beating them and stealing anything of value. 

Three things became clear.  There were no parents.  There was no escape.  And the teachers were in charge. 

Now after living in Myers School for the Unwanted for the past three months, Scream is searching for a way out, caring more about escape than she is about school rules.  But she is being watched by the students because they know something about her that she’s forgotten.  And there are those that don’t want her to remember. 

Storm Clouds

Release Date 2/20/2023

Review due by 2/27

Release Date 5/20/2023

Review Due by 5/27

Alpha Kona

All her life, twenty-year-old Kona has been restricted to the walls of her compound to keep her and her family safe from a fatal disease.  They were all that was left of a once prosperous race of Lycan.  

When a strange Lycan enters their compound, Kona learns she’s been lied to by the very people she called family.  

Now with the resolve to find the truth, Kona along with her brother, her beta, and a strong-willed gamma set off on adventure that will awaken desires in her she never knew she had.  And spark a war that could consume them all.

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