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Work In Progress

These are rough drafts of could-be stories that I am currently working on. I may or may not finish them. The covers also a sketch and not offical.

Get hooked at your own risk.

Black White Modern Forest Background Horror Story Ebook Cover (2).png

Written for NaNoWriMo, I was inspired by a song by Chris Brown and Justin Bieber: Next to You 

This is a finished work, but I am in the process of editing. 

Genre: Young Adult Apocalypse 

Coming of Age.

Faye Gerald has always been the model student and the flawless daughter but when a meteor hits their small town of Georgia, Faye watches as all her dreams for a perfect future go up in flames. With the path home destroyed, Faye, her boyfriend, her best friend, and a boy she shouldn’t know, journey down the mountainside to see if they can find anyone left alive. But secrets travel with them and sometimes dreams have to come to an end.

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